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Selecting yards, contractors and other suppliers in steel construction. Conducting contract negotiations, monitoring planning and quality of projects under construction. In case of deviations advise and propose structural solutions. Advice and problem solving in trade finance and documentary credits when outsourcing construction to foreign suppliers. Evaluation of counter guarantees.


Inventory of production options for (hull) yards. Drawing up production plans including efficiency estimates and necessary investments. Creation of joint ventures with high-performing and / or high-potential supply companies and drawing up business plans for these newly created companies. Coaching project managers of ships sold. Mediation with customs and other authorities.

Product development

Development of hybrid propulsion systems. Involved in zero- emission shipping. Modular ship design for easy adaptation of future technologies. Development of autonomous sub-systems onboard. Research for zero-emission stay ports.

Governmental tendering

Consultancy for tender processes. Composing of tender-documentation based on systems engineering. Assisting (potential) contractors with correct and effective bids.