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ForestWave Navigation

Advised on the purchase and construction of the Damen combi freighter 8200: Tight navigator and Timber navigator.

Co-developed the ECO 6700; propulsion modernized, keeping it up to date. Also co-developed the autonomous systems and made site visits as well.


After four years of intensive development, a novel tug type was launched that simultaneously offers improved safety, performance and economy. Overall emissions are reduced due to significantly lower fuel consumption, without the need for complex propulsion systems.

These Efficient Double-ended Dynamic (EDDY) tugs also are available in LNG and hybrid versions, to further improve emissions and fuel cost. All EDDY versions are based on the same patented DNA of an advanced, double-ended, low-drag hull shape with a towing point in between two azimuthal propulsion units on the centreline, one forward and one aft. Handling is entirely intuitive, which simplifies training and increases safety. The tugs are extremely manoeuvrable and configured for effective ship-assist operations as well as high performance escort towing. Stern tug performance exceeds that of ASD tugs of equivalent power. As a bow tug, it performs equally well as the EDDY stern tugs. This enables fleet standardisation with just a single tug type.

Bicycle ferry Haarlem, the Netherlands

Marvox built a bicycle ferry on behalf of the municipality of Haarlem. This ferry sails on the Spaarne in Haarlem, the Netherlands. The ferry was built at Shipyard De Chinook in Haarlem.


Sustainable, efficient and innovative

The Merwestroom, Waddestroom and Scheldestroom’s construction incorporated the latest developments in ship design. Bijlsma’s in-house design for the MPV-30 is exceptionally sustainable. The hydrodynamic form of the hull generates little resistance as it moves through the water. The MPV 30 is equipped with batteries that provide power for day-to-day activities.