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Marvox ("Voice of the Sea") offers sustainable, economically, sound solutions in shipbuilding, contracting consultancy and ship design. 

This translates into contracting and consultancy for:
• Shipowners
• Tender participants 
• Governmental agencies
• Shipyards

Marvox collaborates with renowned parties: Holland Shipyards, Rijkswaterstaat, Gemeente Haarlem, Baldo Dielen Ltda., IMC, Skytools, ForestWave Navigation, ÈTA Shipping and many others.

Marvox was founded in 2010 by Walter van Gruijthuijsen. Walter has more than 15 years of experience in shipbuilding and the water purification industry in positions including Director Hull Contracting at Damen Shipyards Bergum and Manager Operations at Biothane Systems International. In his years at Damen he was responsible for the selection of hull yards in Eastern Europe and China and the associated outsourcing of the construction of ships up to 7500 tons. At Biothane, he led the construction of biological water treatment plants including contract negotiation for construction in Europe. Walter is MSc Maritime Technology of the TU Delft and took the Business Management course at the Leeuwarden Business School.